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Digital Identity Services

Best practices guide and vendor solutions directory for building Digital Identity applications and ecosystems.

Exploring the Future of Digital Identity

Digital Wallets

Major initiatives like the EU are implementing Identity through Digital Wallets.

Verified Credentials

The evolution of open standards to enable interoperable identity ecosystems.


Blockchain-powered decentralized digital ID provides privacy-enhancing capabilities.

Best Practices

Best practices define the role Identity plays in an overall digital strategy, providing case studies and reference models blueprints.

Identity Verification

The process of confirming or denying that a claimed identity is correct.

Identity Orchestration

The workflows executed to manage identity-related processes.


Passkeys are a password replacement that provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites.

Web 3.0

Digital Identity

Identity 3.0

The Foundation Role Digital Identity Will Play in Building the Web 3.0 Economy.


The evolution of the Internet will be driven by the decentralization of Identity, intersecting with the Blockchain to provide the platform for the Web 3.0 economy.


Share an actionable vision of this dramatic trend, accompanied by a vendor solutions program for implementing this vision.

IdEA blueprints

Identity-Enabled Applications

Solution Guides for developers seeking to build applications that utilize the latest Identity practices and architecture.

Blueprints for Developing Identity-Enabled Apps

Architecture and Best Practices for Building Next Generation Identity-Enabled Applications and Enterprise Workflows.
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