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Meeco – Platform to Develop Trusted Personal Identity & Data Ecosystems

Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data.

Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data.

They enable customers to connect with your trusted enterprise partners and create new value through verifiable credentials and digital assets, and build Personal Identity and Data ecosystems with your B2B partners by deploying Verifiable Credentials and tokenised data.

Their Platform offers the personal data, identity, privacy and security components to deploy trusted Web3 applications:

  • Vault – Securely store any type of data including attributes, documents, verifiable credentials or digital media.
  • Encryption Key Management – Generate, manage and deploy keys to encrypt and protect data at rest, in transit and when exchanged.
  • Exchange P2P Encrypted Connections & Sharing – Enable peer-2-peer connections for trusted data exchange (receiving and sending) between data eco-system participants.
  • Consent & Permission Management – Unlock the value of permissioned data access and sharing with active controls to enable customers to decide how data is used.
  • Events, Audit & Notifications – Record events for audit purposes or program for notifications. Every user account is unique; therefore, the event ledger is a unique digital twin of all the events approved or requested by the user.
  • Self-Sovereign Identity, Wallet & Agent Services – Multipurpose wallet services for Reusable/Self-Sovereign Identity, Verifiable Credentials, Tokens, Agents and Micro-payments.
  • Verifiable Credentials Management – The Credentials service enables the request, issuance, verification and revocation of Verifiable Credentials.
  • Authorisation Tenant & Organisation Manager – ATOM proves the authorisation and security rights for issuing Verifiable Credentials and deploying Enterprise Vaults.
  • Web3 Token Services – Support a wide range of Web3 business applications across loyalty, verification, audit, authentication and micro-payments.
  • Developer Tools & Documentation – The Developer Tools are designed by developers for developers to help rapidly build use-cases and personal data and identity solutions.

Identity-Enabled Solutions

They describe a number of powerful use cases and client case studies that this platform makes possible.

This includes a rich portfolio of scenarios including a wealth management portal, a protected space for kids to experience play and joy through photos, videos & audio, a workforce digital credentials platform and a personal data vault for individual and family records.

They share their thought leadership insights across a series of blogs and reports, such as defining Sovereign Data Spaces.

This explains the technology and regulatory innovations that are leading to a new category of service provider – a Data Intermediary, a role that Meeco is at the forefront of pioneering.

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