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Yoti Enables OnlyFans to Verify User Age through Facial Age Estimation

How OnlyFans became the first UK subscription-based platform to protect children and create age-appropriate experiences.

OnlyFans is the infamous creator community that exemplifies the challenge the Internet has struggled with since it’s inception: Verifying users so that controls can be applied, such as restricting adult content.

Yoti is a vendor who utilizes identity technology to address this issue.

As they document in their case study OnlyFans chose their facial age estimation technology because it balances user privacy with effective and reliable age assurance.

Facial age estimation accurately estimates age from a selfie. It is a privacy-preserving solution, which doesn’t require an ID document or retention of any personal data. People simply pass an age threshold. All images are instantly deleted once someone receives their estimated age.

It’s an approach with a myriad of use cases, age verification is a common requirement – For example proving your age at the cinema.

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