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Ubisecure – Realising the Vision for Digital Identity

See how Ubisecure is realising the future of Digital Identity, by placing identity at the centre of how we trust each other as customers, partners, citizens and organisations.

Ubisecure is a flagship example of a vendor offering the suite of capabilities required of an Enterprise Identity Provider.

With origins in the Nordics and over a decade of involvement in European digital identity initiatives, Ubisecure remain focused on helping organisations protect identity data and benefit from the European identity ecosystem.

Enterprise Identity

Ubisecure defines Enterprise Identity through major capability building blocks including:

  • CIAM – Customer Identity Access Management: CIAM sits at the intersection of security, user experience and interaction with your external users. The list of external users is long, and includes customers, consumers, citizens, partners, and contractors.
  • Workforce IAM – Workforce Access Management. Manage access to applications for employees, contractors and an increasingly remote workforce.
  • Organizational Identity The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20 digit globally verified organisation identification code, endorsed by the G20 & Financial Stability Board, and references a live record of a verified organisation. The LEI provides the foundation for Business to Business Identity Management, managing Identity across supply chain interactions.

These building blocks are component parts of the Ubisecure Identity Platform, which offers deployment options including SaaS, On Premise and Hybrid.

Solutions and Partners

The platform can address a number of specific use cases and capabilities, such as enabling Passwordless Authentication, Identity Verification, Securing Remote Work, and Identity Brokering Hubs.

These can provide the foundation for a number of larger application and industry solutions, and Ubisecure offer a Partner Program for building these market strategies.

In this video shares one example of these partnerships, where CEO Simon Woods joins Ascertia to explore how UBI Secure and Ascertia work together to deliver digital signing solutions incorporating LEI.

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