Identity 3.0

Foundation for the Web 3.0 Economy

Webinar Series

Best practices, technology innovations and vendor solutions showcase.

Event Agenda

The Foundation Role Digital Identity Will Play in Building the Web 3.0 Economy

Industry-wide there is a common consensus that the evolution of the Internet will be driven by the decentralization of Identity, intersecting with the Blockchain to provide the platform for the Web 3.0 economy. This series will explore:

Decentralized Identity

Open standards and technology innovations that are building out the Identity 3.0 ecosystem.

Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets for storing identity credentials and facilitating integrated applications for banking, government services and much more.

Use Cases and Business Models

Exploring the key scenarios and market opportunities that will drive business and consumer adoption.


Virtual Conference and Networking

Webinars provide best practice learning, delivered through a variety of formats including keynote webinar presentations and virtual classroom tutorials.

Events also feature social networking tools, so you can then also meet and connect with all the other attendees.

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