Strata is pioneering identity orchestration for distributed, multi-cloud identity—enabling enterprises to unify on-premises and cloud-based authentication and access systems for consistent identity management in multi-cloud environments. Led by the co-authors of SAML.

Strata’s abstraction layer weaves your apps, clouds, and IDPs into a flexible identity fabric. When it’s time to switch from on-prem to a cloud IDP, deploy passwordless on homegrown apps, or build user journeys, you can do it without writing a single line of code.

What is Identity Orchestration?

Identity Orchestration uses connectors, workflows, and app gateways to orchestrate behavior across identity systems. It also creates an abstraction layer that applications use to integrate with any identity system without changing application code or modifying configurations.

Identity Orchestration can move policies, configurations, and identities across any identity system. It also routes login requests to different identity providers or lookup-and-retrieve user attributes, groups, and other identity data from various identity stores.

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Boulder, Colorado , United States
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