Identity Enabled Applications

Best practices for designing and implementing next generation, identity-centric applications.

Frictionless Digital Business

Speaking at WebSummit Rio, Matias Woloski and Damian Schenkelman of AuthO / Okta, explain how Passkeys and Verifiable Credentials will usher in a new passwordless age.

To set the scene Damian walks through a hypothetical demo, a use case of purchasing airline tickets, to highlight how the future of Identity will transform digital business processes.

This simple demo for one scenario explains the broader, profound transformation of how enterprise applications and the digital commerce they enable will evolve wholesale.

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Web 3.0 Apps

Digital Identity innovations are setting in place the foundations for the evolution of the Internet to a seamlessly integrated Web 3.0 environment.

Next Generation Applications

Traditionally applications have been developed to work in isolation, utilizing their own authentication system. As the name suggests IdEA Apps will work as part of an overall, integrated digital ecosystem.

Disruptive Business Models

These innovations make possible a myriad of new use case scenarios, communities that leverage trusted relationships, that can underpin highly disruptive Web 3.0 digital business models.

Enterprise Workflows

Enterprise developers will be empowered to integrated these new capabilities into their core business applications, addressing key use case scenarios and capabilities.

Know Your Customer

Organizations like Digital Banks are required to implement robust Identity Verification procedures, and can capture photo IDs for document verification and perform fraud checks to securely validate the identity of customers.

Identity Orchestration

Design workflows to act on this verification using rapid plug and play No Code tools, configuring UI components to build the ideal experience for your customers.

How It Works

IdEA Best Practices

The building block capabilities for building Identity-enabled applications.


The building block of Identity Authentication, encompassing login, SSO, multi-factor methods and password security.

Digital Wallet

Wallets provide the primary user tool for storing and using credentials, that can be extended with related apps like payments.

App Ecosystem

The value of Identity is realized when it enables users to access digital services in a frictionless manner, achieved through credential interoperation.

IdEA Applications Showcase

We provide an ongoing series showcasing Identity-Enabled Applications and implementation best practices.

Passkeys are the phishing-resistant replacement for passwords developed by the FIDO Alliance. They are a safer, more convenient alternative to passwords.
Passkeys and Verifiable Credentials will eliminate passwords and entirely transform e-commerce and the digital experience for consumers.
A digital product passport is a digital record that contains information about a product’s origin, ingredients, and life cycle.

Solution Guide

Insights for Buyers

For organizations seeking to implement Identity-Enabled Applications we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.


Best Practices Guide

A detailed introductory guide to IdEA, covering technology and implementation practices.


Partner Directory

Listings of Identity Partners who offer an IdEA specialism and implementation services.

We can provide expert resources to assist your digital identity ecosystem design.

Digital Identity Services

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