The European Digital Identity Wallet is coming

EU Set to Release Technical Specification for EU Digital Identity Wallet

The European Commission will soon publish the technical specification for the European Digital Identity Wallet.

The announcement was made at the Digital Assembly 2023 in Stockholm.

Speaking on the panel “A secure European Identity – the EU Digital Identity Wallet”, (from 1h:24m), Roberto Viola, Director General of the European Commission’s Digital Economy Directorate said:

“The first release of the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI) we have already published on the developer site Github. In the coming weeks, we will publish the wallet architecture, the first release, so all developers can look what is inside.”

He says this will reassure wallet users over privacy and trust concerns while the incoming eID will be designed to enable citizens to have full autonomy over their data and who it is shared with, and that the infrastructure of the wallet will allow usage independently from the smartphone providers.

The goal is to be able to go live “by 2027”, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration Erik Slottner also revealed during the session. The EUDI wallet “is a priority for the Swedish Presidency”, he said. “Negotiations have been constructive and our goal is to make as much progress as possible.”

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