Sovrin Foundation Launches SSI as a Universal Service

As they announce on their blog, the Sovrin Foundation is evolving their current governance framework into two new ones.

The Sovrin Utility Governance Framework (SUGF) will continue to govern operations of the current Sovrin Public Ledger, and the new Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework (SEGF) will define the requirements for SSI to become a Universal Service for people everywhere.

Trust Over IP

The prompt for this move has been the development of the Trust over IP initiative, the purpose of which is to “define a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers.”

With Trust Over IP articulated as a four layer ‘stack’, the Sovrin Foundation recognized it’s current governance is relevant to one of these layers, the utility governance layer one, and with an ambition to enable ‘Identity for All’ globally Sovrin is now also developing governance to create a framework aligned to layer four of the stack.

This layer specifies how other governance frameworks at all four layers can all interoperate to support the needs of an entire digital trust ecosystem.

In this webinar, Evernym’s Chief Trust Officer, Drummond Reed, and Chief Architect, Daniel Hardman, provide an expert overview of Trust over IP (ToIP), a new framework for ensuring universal interoperability for SSI solutions.

They cover: –

  • The core concepts of the trust triangle, verifiable credentials, and decentralized identifiers.
  • The needs for both algorithmic and human trust.
  • The four layers of the ToIP stack.

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