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Mastercard’s Reusable Digital Identity Network

Nick Lambert is joined by Sarah Clark, Mastercard's Senior Vice President of Digital Identity.

In this episode of Identi3, Nick Lambert is joined by Sarah Clark, Mastercard’s Senior Vice President of Digital Identity, to talk about Mastercard’s privacy-preserving, interoperable, re-usable digital identity network.


0:00 Intro
1:28 Sarah’s background
5:37 The importance of preserving user privacy
8:21 What is a re-usable digital identity? Why do we need it?
14:00 What are the ingredients necessary to make re-usable digital identity happen?
19:34 Is re-usable digital identity a business differentiator?
22:32 Notable Mastercard digital identity projects
33:22 Why Sarah believes “Verifiable Credentials are a key component of the future of digital ID”
34:17 The future of digital identity
36:42 Using Verifiable Credentials to potentially combat deepfakes

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