Identity 3.0

The Foundation Role Digital Identity Will Play in Building the Web 3.0 Economy

Decentralized Identity, the Blockchain and Digital Wallets will provide the keystone foundations for the Web 3.0 Ecosystem.

Industry-wide there is a common consensus that the evolution of the Internet will be driven by the decentralization of Identity, intersecting with the Blockchain to provide the platform for the Web 3.0 economy.

For consumers this economy will manifest through Digital Wallets, storing identity credentials and facilitating integrated applications for banking, government services and much more.

Our guide compiles the insights from the world’s leading Web 3.0 thinkers and pioneers to share an actionable vision of this dramatic trend, and is accompanied by a vendor solutions program for implementing this vision.


Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data.
myDid offers a customizable wallet solution allowing your users to share their Identity and easily exchange Community Badges.
Lissi offers software solutions that enable companies to seamlessly identify, authenticate and communicate with their customers based on verifiable credentials.
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